Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My School and Me

I'm proud that my school has become the  new power in school debating. The debate team had won quite a number of titles for the past few years.

It's fun doing things together ..... helps you tolerate each other more.

SMIH sportsday 2012 ....... our red house became champion.

 I'm one of the two baanner bearers

The Asramaians welcoming and celebrating the new year 2012  in style ...... hey!... i'm one of them and so is my brother afiq.

These guys are also the Asramaians ...... participating in the choir competetion . We got a runner-up prize plus a special prize for best performance.
In thie video below I'm playing the part of Upin , the big brother of Ipin. It's a  multimedia prensentation on the occasion of 'Majlis Khatam al-Quran' in Ramadhan 2011