Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holiday in Langkawi

On one of the beaches in Langkawi with my brother Afiq

Hai!..we meet again. It has been ages since I entered my last post.I have been very busy for the past few months....getting ready for my UPSR which is in September. I have my normal school class in the morning, religious school class in the evening and of course my tuition class.
...but I managed to have a holiday as well....in Langkawi, during the school holiday. Enjoy my photos...hahaha..

One of the many jetties in Langkawi Me and my mum, dad and sister

Me playing with the 'belangkas' (king crab) ........geliiiinya!
This activity was done in HOLE IN THE WALL - Fish Show And Wildlife Watch during our Mangrove Tour in Langkawi.

Hey!......I'm in the mangrove swamp
Mum holding me tightly in case
I might fall off the boat......scarry

In the cable car with my two big brothers.......another scarry experience...hanging in the air!

On the hanging bridge on top of Mat Chinchang mountain

Me wrapped around by a big phyton in Langkawi Underwater World

Hey!......They are all my buddies from the Underwater world!...ha..ha..ha

This is a gamat or sea cucumber

this is not the same phyton that hangs around my neck!

The penguin guy

I am on the snowy mountain.......see who lives

Here they are...my buddies from the snowy
land.....the Penguins!

Hungary penguins.......waiting for their lunch

Last but not least......the clever otter playing with
his green ball.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Learn Japanese

More Japanese stuff can be found below:

Play with cool phrases in Japanese

Saturday, February 7, 2009

One of My Firsts

Last Wednesday 6 Feb my mum, big brother and me attended a funeral. It was the funeral of a baby boy who died due to premature birth. The baby was the grandson of my dad's friend. My brother and I went to the nearby mosque for Isyak prayer. After that we performed the jenazah prayer.
After the prayer the jenazah was buried at the cemetry just beside the mosque. That was the first time I watched a body buried in real life. I feel sorry for the baby's parent.
Below is a video clip to be pondered upon.